Casino Software Developers Dad started reading the entry forms closely

Casino Software Developers Dad started reading the entry forms closely

Casino Software Developers Dad started reading the entry forms closely and realized that the forms within the magazines were just a 1 time entry method. I mean, most of the people tore or cut out the magazine entry form, filled it out, and mailed it in which was it. Bitcoin Casino Software Provider Dad, realized that although some sweepstakes did state, just one entry per person, many of them had a more obscure method that allowed an individual to greatly increase their chances of winning, by submitting as many entries as you wanted.
The standard method used was to write down your name, address, phone number , and perhaps a slogan, or another required info, on a clear 3×5 index card, or a clear 3×5 piece of paper, and mail it in. It seems most of those entry forms stated write the data in block capital format, which simply meant write it in simple, easy to read, capital letters. Dad, started subscribing to three or 4 monthly sweepstake newsletters, and he would sit at his desk in his spare time, writing more entry forms then a seasoned author writes on a book manuscript. Dad purchased some books, and video tapes on winning sweepstakes, and honed his skills more and more.

Most Popular Bitcoin Casino Software Developers

Below, you will find out the most popular bitcoin casino software developers. Keep in mind that we created this list according to the popularity aspect, but also we ranked those companies per the quality of bitcoin casino software that they offer. 

International Game Technology

bitcoin casino software

IGT is one of the best online gambling software developers in the industry. The company came into the online casino business around the 1990s. Before that, IGT had been developing traditional slot machine games since 1975. They were working with mainly brick and mortar casinos around Las Vegas, Nevada. Deep knowledge about the slot machines and developing casino games helped them switch the industry seamlessly into online platforms. The bitcoin casino software is the newest addition to their portfolio. Inside the bitcoin gambling solution, you will find various management tools, security tools, and casino games. The most popular games that you can find inside this crypto gambling package are:

  • Fire Horse
  • Pharaoh’s Future
  • Mega Jackpot Cleopatra
  • Jackpot Cluedo
  • Mega Jackpot Monopoly
  • And Crown of Egypt


Microgaming is another company that specializes in building effective bitcoin casino software products. The company was built around 1994, and since that, they have dominated the online gambling industry in almost all of the major categories. Over two and a half decades, the brand managed to develop more than 800 unique casino games. The variety is not the problem for Microgaming as they are building almost all types of gambling games from scratch. The main areas where they got popular are about slot machines and live blackjack games. Many other gaming titles are based on table games, bingo, keno, and so on. 

Microgaming is considered one of the first companies that used pop culture themes in their slot machine games. The most intense casino games they build by getting inspiration from Hollywood movies are Battlestar Galactica, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, and Tomb Raider. They provide services for both regular and crypto gambling platforms. Most of the games in the bitcoin casino software and traditional online casino software match in quality and variety. One of the vital attributes of this brand is the progressive jackpot slots.

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